RMA Service

Support requirements:

In order to provide you a faster service, please fill in all the required information in the support & RMA form below. We highly recommend you to complete the whole form as it will help us to understand the problem you are facing, diagnose and provide you efficient solution in the shortest delay.

Return requirements:

  1. For product return, please first read our “terms and condition” for acceptance.
  2. Please fill in all the required information in the support & RMA form below.
  3. Our team will reply you in the shortest delay with more instruction on the return procedure, providing you a return RMA number and the destination address (the address can be different according to your location). Do not return the product without our first consent and instruction.
This procedure apply to:
  1. Failing product still under warranty.
  2. Working product under trial period.
  3. Failing product but not under warranty. A repairing charge will be applied.
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Information can be found in TVman DVB "About" menu
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